CIEEM Webinar: Grey Seal Ecology and the Effects of Disturbance on Colonies

The webinar will begin with an introduction to seal ecology, physiology and anatomy which will help delegates’ identify grey seals and estimate the likely sex and age of individuals. We will also look at how coat patterns can aid individual identification.

We will then look at the distribution of grey seals around the UK coast and discuss their diet. We will discuss the grey seal’s diving ability and feeding strategies.

Next we will discuss breeding, including the mating process and look at how to identify un-weaned and weaned pups.

We will then discover the effects of human disturbance and threats during pupping season and moulting periods and the threats that grey seals face from plastic, fishing gear and pollution. We will finish with a description of injuries and wounds inflicted on grey seals and the role of BDMLR and wildlife centres in seal rescue and rehabilitation.