CIEEM Webinar: Biodiversity and Planning on the Forth

This webinar, organised in partnership with the Forth Estuary Forum, will update a local
expert audience on best current thinking in relation to underlying issues affecting coastal
biodiversity, presented by national experts by bringing in outside knowledge and sharing
local best practice.

The Forth Estuary Forum is a Local Coastal Partnership which promotes the wise and
sustainable use of the Forth through partnership working, stakeholder engagement,
communications and research into Integrated Coastal Zone Management and regional
marine planning.

The webinar will:
– Encourage planning practitioners to think outside their own specialisms;
– Provide a greater understanding of the interplay between biodiversity, coastal erosion and infrastructure, climate change, and economics.

The end result will be a better informed Forth planning community with regard to the
challenges and opportunities for coastal biodiversity and how coastal/marine planning can ameliorate it.


Licensing on the Scottish coast: Fiona Munro (Marine Scotland License Operations Team);

Queensferry Crossing and St Margaret’s Marsh: John Fowbert (Jacobs);

The Inner Forth Nature Network: Zoe Clelland (RSPB);

Case study: strategic management of flood risk and biodiversity in the Humber Estuary:
Katie Born (Jacobs).

If you are a CIEEM member you can record this webinar as 1.5 hours of structured CPD;
other delegates can contact the Forth Estuary Forum for certification confirming attendance
as part of their own CPD.