CIEEM Response to Ending the Sale of Peat in Scotland consultation

Here you will find our response to the Ending the Sale of Peat in Scotland consultation.  This response was developed by our Scotland Policy Group.


CIEEM’s Key Comments:

  • CIEEM fully supports a ban on the sale of peat and peat-containing products in horticulture. Commercial peat extraction in Scotland damages and degrades some of Scotland’s valuable lowland raised bogs in the south and east of the country in particular.
  • Peat use in the amateur horticultural market should be phased out quickly. The quality of peat-free alternatives has improved dramatically over recent years as a response to market demand.
  • Awareness campaigns should be developed for amateur consumers so that gardeners fully understand the need for the transition and advice should be freely available on the use of peat-free alternatives.
  • Alongside peatlands’ vital role in enhancing biodiversity, maintaining water levels and quality, and their historical and contemporary importance in society and culture; they are our most important terrestrial carbon store. In this climate emergency it is important to prevent losses of carbon from peatlands, particularly when alternatives are available. Harvesting peat both depletes stocks of carbon and reduces the area where carbon is sequestered.