CIEEM response to Irelands 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan

Summary of CIEEM proposed new actions to be included in the 4th National Biodiversity Action
1.  Alternative action text for 1A6: “All Departments have sufficient access to biodiversity expertise via full-time staff and / or external resources”
2.  Address the range and availability of appropriate third level courses in ecology, to address the skills and capacity shortage
3.  Create biodiversity apprenticeships to address the skills and capacity shortage
4.  Ensure biodiversity is adequately incorporated into the primary and secondary national curriculum
5. Create a ’Jobs for Nature Delivery Group’
6.  Develop a policy around the implementation of Biodiversity Net Gain in Ireland
7.  Investigate and establish projects for ex-situ compensation of development projects
8.  Investigate and establish nature-based carbon-offsetting projects for individuals / businesses
9. Develop a policy around nature restoration
10. Develop a Biodiversity Checklist or similar biodiversity guidance for planners and developers