NEW: CIEEM Early Careers Special Interest Group – Get Involved!

New for autumn 2022! CIEEM has brought together a team of passionate volunteers to lead a new special interest group focused on supporting those in the early stages of their career in the Ecology and Environmental Management Sector.

What does the CIEEM Early Careers SIG do?

The SIG was formed with the understanding that the early stages of a career can be challenging to negotiate. The ECSIG focuses primarily on the key areas of peer support and raising awareness of issues affecting early careers in the sector. It will push for a real attitude change towards early career members.

This group will provide a voice for those in the earlier stages of their career. It will be recognising and celebrating their achievements while providing informal support around how to tackle the issues highlighted by SIG members. We welcome all CIEEM members in the early stages of their career to join in with ECSIG activities. Anyone who supports those in their career can also get involved.

In addition, the ECSIG will also work to address the gap that can occur between many ecology-based degrees, and the skill set required for roles in sector (in particular for consultancy / survey work). The group would like to work with early careers members to explore how we close this gap, encourage better connectivity and positively approach this within academia.

How can you get involved with the CIEEM Early Careers SIG?

Firstly, to join the CIEEM Early Careers SIG mailing list (so you can be the first to hear about their upcoming events), please visit the ‘My CIEEM area’ on our website. Update your personal preferences by ticking the Early Careers Special Interest Group box.

Secondly, we’re looking for more volunteers to join the Early Careers SIG committee. There are roles available specifically for volunteers who are within the early stages of their own career, as their advice and perspective will be crucial to influence the direction and priorities for the group. You can find the role profile for the (Early Career) Committee Member for the SIG here.

Thirdly, we now have a live Early Careers SIG LinkedIn Group which you are welcome to join. We encourage CIEEM members to use this as a forum to discuss issues, successes and experiences they have had within the early stages of their career. Lets get the conversation going, and work collectively the improve the sector (and the Institute) in the way it supports those in their early career.

What’s happening next?

We are hoping that the ECSIG will be leading its first launch events in September and October. Stay tuned for more details to come. We look forward to receiving more applications from potential volunteers for the committee too. Thank you in advance if you do choose to become involved in this exciting new group. We can’t wait to see it develop and grow!