Join the Nature 2030 Campaign

This month, Wildlife and Countryside Link, an umbrella group for around 70 nature conservation groups – and of which CIEEM is a member – launched its Nature 2030 campaign. This is a call for what it wants to see the political parties pledging to do for nature in their manifestos ahead of the next UK general election.

The campaign sets out 5 urgent reforms that are needed in the next Parliament. They are:

  • A pay rise for nature and farmers: Doubling the nature-friendly farming budget to £6bn per year to pay for ambitious farm improvements and large-scale nature restoration. At CIEEM, we’ve been raising this issue for years – in particular the need for local authorities and the nature conservation agencies to be properly funded and resourced.
  • Making polluters pay: Putting a Nature Recovery Obligation in law, requiring polluting big businesses to deliver environmental improvement plans, and funding to counter the damage they cause to nature.
  • More space for nature by 2030: A 30×30 rapid delivery programme restoring protected sites and landscapes and creating a Public Nature Estate to fulfil the promise to protect 30% of the land and sea for nature, and deliver more nature in all communities.
  • Delivering the green jobs we need: A National Nature Service, delivering wide scale habitat restoration and creating thousands of green jobs.
  • A Right to a Healthy Environment: establishing a human right to clean air and water and access to nature, building nature into decision-making, enabling people to hold decision-makers to account and driving changes that will recover nature and improve public health.

Read the full campaign report.

The coalition of charities is also urging everyone to add their name to an open letter being sent to all the main political parties to call for more radical nature commitments. Members of the public can add their name here:

At CIEEM, we’ll be supporting the campaign over the coming months and year, pulling out the elements that align with the work that CIEEM is already doing (such as Green Jobs for Nature) to help move politics and nature conservation in the right direction.