Eligibility and Fees


To be eligible to apply for Chartered Environmentalist status you must have the relevant education, training and experience and carry out your work to high professional and ethical standards.

Additionally, you will need to:

  • be a Fellow or Full Member of CIEEM;
  • be able to evidence the required level of knowledge and experience in your written application and at a Professional Review Interview;
  • demonstrate knowledge of, competence in and engagement with sustainable management of the environment; and
  • agree to comply with the SocEnv Code of Professional Conduct, which can be found on SocEnv’s website as well as CIEEM’s Code of Professional Conduct and Continuing Professional Development requirements.

How much does it cost?

The total fee for registering as a Chartered Environmentalist is currently made up of the following:

Application Fee: 
£95.00 – Initial assessment fee (incl VAT, non-refundable)

Previously unsuccessful CEnv applicants will receive a 50% reduction of the initial assessment fee if their new application is received by the Secretariat within 12 months of the notification of their outcome.

In order to pass Stage 1, all competencies must be assessed as being sufficiently evidenced.  If you are required to resubmit any competencies (up to a maximum of two), there will be an additional administration fee of £15.00.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stage 1 fee is due with your initial application. If your application is successful, you will be asked if you wish to complete Stage 2. The Stage 2 fee is due upon invitation to a Professional Review Interview (PRI) and must be paid in advance of your interview.

£109.00 – Professional Review Interview fee (including VAT, non-refundable)

Registration Fee (payable on successful application)
£100.80 (VAT exempt).

There will be an annual SocEnv fee payable to maintain your chartered status. This fee is currently £65.40 and made up of a £50.40 subscription fee plus a £15.00 (VAT inclusive) administration fee. It will be payable along with your CIEEM membership renewal each year.