Health and Well-Being Survey Report: August 2019

We have now published our Health and Well-Being Survey Report (August 2019).

CIEEM’s 2017-2018 Employment and Salary Survey revealed a profession that is passionate about their work, highly committed and motivated. But it also revealed a deep unhappiness with the reliance on working long and often unsocial hours, especially during the spring/summer months and there were many comments from respondents about the impact of work on their physical and mental well-being and their family life.

Since our health is a combination of our physical, mental and social well-being this suggested worrying signs of a health issue that was becoming ‘accepted’ as just the way it is in ecology and environmental management.

This survey was created to inform the planning of our Summer Conference which was on health and well-being in the profession. This report summarises the results from the survey and proposes some ideas for next steps, including feedback from conference delegates.

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