2024 Award Winner’s Spotlight: Promising Professional Award

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Dr Stephanie Bradbeer

Steph is highly regarded for her expertise in invasion science, evident through her academic achievements and publications. At Yorkshire Water (YW), she excels in regulatory projects related to biosecurity and invasive non-native species (INNS). She actively collaborates with partners to maximise outcomes, such as industry-level partnerships with universities. Steph’s communication skills shine in various settings, from technical conferences to community events.

Steph has been a driving force behind various invasion science partnerships, e.g. the Check Clean Dry Campaign, the DEFRA Biocontrol Advisory Group and England Invasive Crayfish Group. Her involvement has been actively requested by wider groups such as the North York Moors National Park Authority to support on INNS issues, for example developing training and awareness materials to respond to the outbreak of signal crayfish on the River Esk. Within YW, Steph has developed training materials and protocols for staff, gaining support from leadership and delivering impactful training sessions. She engages with regional groups to enhance standards in INNS management and responds to community needs. Active on social media, Steph also coordinates forums and assists other companies with INNS issues.

Steph’s role at YW includes significant project delivery overseen by the Environment Agency (EA). She fosters collaboration opportunities with local EA staff, supervises sponsored PhD students, and engages with forums to coordinate strategic action on INNS. Her passion for biosecurity drives her work, inspiring colleagues and stakeholders alike.

Steph’s proactive approach is evident in problem-solving and decision-making situations. During the 2022 drought, she collaborated effectively to mitigate INNS transfer risks during water transfers. She continuously challenges biosecurity science, conducting trials and investigations to drive evidence-based investment.

Despite her unconventional career path, Steph’s dedication at YW has led to significant advancements in INNS management. Her willingness to contribute beyond her job scope is notable, evidenced by her involvement in national campaigns like the INNS mapper project. Steph’s leadership in this project showcases her ability to drive innovation and collaboration for greater impact.

Steph’s early career is not that of a typical CIEEM member. She gained her role at YW and through passion and persistence, helped the organisation achieve a step-change in how they think about and respond to INNS. What makes Steph stand out, is her desire to not just do her job well, but to make a wider difference, always stepping up to volunteer for and actively participate in national campaigns and projects, raising awareness and advancing science.


Willaim Haigh

Will demonstrates exceptional performance in his ecological consultancy role with Mott MacDonald despite only having just over two years of experience. His keen interest in botany and invertebrates drives him to continually expand his skills through formal and informal CPD. He actively shares his knowledge with colleagues through internal webinars and workshops.

As a survey lead for invertebrates and a competent botanist, Will consistently delivers high-quality reports and advice. He effectively communicates complex ecological concepts to clients and colleagues, receiving excellent feedback for his work. Will’s proactive approach extends to setting up internal groups for invertebrate identification and engaging with colleagues across the company to provide advice.

Will has applied his skills to a range of schemes, taking the lead on providing advice on habitat creation and BNG design schemes as well as providing advice to colleagues and clients, resulting in excellent feedback. Will’s enthusiasm for ecology is infectious and he is adept at communicating his passion with colleagues, clients, and the community. Will is a fast learner and immediately understands the goal of schemes he works on. He has produced complex, bespoke reporting for a range of schemes to provide recommendations that work to provide the best outcomes for both the client and the environment. Will delivers work on time and to a high standard and always receives great feedback from project managers and clients. He is keen to hear feedback, takes it on and learns quickly.

Will’s innovative approaches to project work, such as biophilic design, highlight his ability to develop creative solutions that benefit both clients and the environment. His extensive research and specialist knowledge inform his design decisions and recommendations, resulting in tailored solutions suited to the locality of each project. He is a sought-after individual for project work and is never light of work due to his specialist knowledge. He has taken over leadership of several projects and is trusted by senior colleagues and clients to do a great job and actively contributes to the team both inside and outside of work.

Outside of work, Will volunteers with local groups, demonstrating his commitment to biodiversity conservation. He leads volunteer groups to enhance biodiversity in his local areas and campaigns for better habitat management.

His enthusiasm, dedication, and ability to exceed expectations make him an invaluable member of the MottMac team.