Seal at Sea Usage – Individual Chapters Cited Separately

This document, made up of the following sub-tasks, provides useful information for the management of seals:

MR5.1.1 Produce, publish and maintain seal usage maps with confidence intervals.
MR5.1.2 Determine data sparse regions.
MR5.1.3 Review the extent of how new survey data affect usage estimates.
MR5.1.4 Classify activity between foraging and travelling usage using a state-spacemodel approach.
MR5.1.5 Determine environmental covariates of preference for all activity, and foragingactivity.
MR5.1.6 Determine environmental covariates for usage preference around the UK.

This is part of our Good Practice Guidance for Marine Mammals, produced by Claire Lacey, Jon Barnes and Patrick Lynes.

Reference: Sea Mammal Research Unit (2015) Seal at sea usage – individual chapters cited separately Marine Mammal Scientific Support Research Programme MMSS/001/11, . SMRU, St Andrews.