The Environmental Policy Forums Priorities for the Next Government

The Environmental Policy Forum (EPF) is a coalition of 14 professional bodies and learned societies (including us here at CIEEM), and represents more than 110,000 professionals across a wide range of specialised disciplines. In the lead-up to the imminent UK General Election, they have published their 10 priorities for the next UK Government,  which we believe must be urgently implemented during the future Government’s time in office. This document is the culmination of work from professionals across the ecology, environmental sciences, water, forestry, fisheries, environmental management, health, engineering and resource and land management sectors.

The ten priorities for the next Government are:

Within each of these priorities are three specific asks, outlining what policymakers, with support from businesses, should do to ensure these priorities are delivered. For example, the first priority;  Improve Environmental Governance to ensure effective policy delivery and enforcement, should be achieved through:

  • Taking a joined-up approach so policies are integrated and do not contradict one another.
  • Establish a full and rigorous understanding of key policies across the Government.
  • Ensure stronger enforcement of regulation.

The document is a fantastic piece of work, providing key targets that if the next UK Government follows would deliver real benefits for nature and the environment, achieve our net zero commitments and create a more sustainable path into the future. You can find the full document here –