Principal Consultant

Globally and nationally wildlife is in steep decline. We appear to be reaching critical tipping points around the loss of biodiversity as well as around climate change, both being interlinked. Human society cannot prosper without wildlife and healthy ecosystems.

Kent’s wildlife needs to be restored to much higher levels. We can no longer allow common things to become rare. We can only do this by restoring large-scale habitat from degraded land. Doing this will contribute to solving global problems. But we won’t be able to do this unless we publicly aspire to a higher level of impact and show that we can deliver this.

Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancy Services Ltd is part of the Kent Wildlife Trust Group of services. The primary purpose of the Consultancy is to support the Trust mission and generate income for the Trust.  The Consultancy has been set up to influence land management, development, industry and infrastructure in Kent, ensure net gain is a reality through nature based solutions and is underpinned by a Nature Recovery Network for Kent.

The Consultancy has some exciting contracts and projects:

  • Working with a local leading land agent to deliver Natural Capital advice to landowners across the South East.
  • Delivering a 10 year Biodiversity Action Plan for a major rail partner.
  • Developing strategic natural capital work with statutory and industry clients.
  • Providing comprehensive ecological and land management advice and survey work across Kent and the South East.

Possibly with a background in land management, ecological consultancy or with considerable experience of projects with a wide remit for both, as Principal Consultant you will be excited at the prospect of working on these projects, being face to face with key clients, having knowledge and experience to support the team in delivering this work and be driven to develop strategic work with Trust colleagues.

You will also strengthen the Consultancy position with Kent Wildlife Trust and regionally through working with South East Wildlife Trusts and Consultancies.

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The Kent Wildlife Trust Group is Wild About Inclusion. To us, this means inspiring, empowering and engaging people from all backgrounds, cultures, identities and abilities, to change the natural world for the better.

It also means cultivating inclusive workspaces that are free from discrimination, where differences are celebrated, everyone can be themselves and flourish, just like nature!