Non-degree Entry Nature-based Green Jobs Research tender

Tender Brief for Non-degree Entry into Nature-based Green Jobs Research Project

December 2022

CIEEM and Lantra are seeking to appoint a consultant (or consultants) to undertake a research project into current and future job opportunities in the ecology and environmental management sector for school leavers and career changers. The research will focus on jobs that do not have a degree requirement and will also look at the training schemes and vocational routes available to career seekers (school leavers) and career changers.


CIEEM is keen to promote a more diverse and inclusive ecology and environmental management profession. We have recently launched our Green Jobs for Nature website to showcase the range of jobs available across all employment sectors. However, when recruiting into these jobs, most employers specify a requirement for a degree in a relevant subject. Lantra will also launch a careers platform in early 2023, showcasing roles in the wider environment and land-based industries, and importantly, sign post to the training and qualifications required to do these roles.

Not all potential entrants into the ecology and environmental management profession have the interest, aptitude, opportunity or financial resources to undertake a degree or, for career changers, they may have a degree but not in the right subjects. The degree requirement can therefore act as a barrier to entering the profession for many. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many graduates are finding it challenging to get that first paid job, due to a lack of practical experience. CIEEM would like to see an end to the culture of volunteering being seen as a route into the profession. At CIEEM we would like to understand what jobs might be available in ecology and environmental management to school leavers across the consultancy, NGO, industry and public sectors and what training routes are available to them. At Lantra we are keen to understand if there are gaps in the provision of training and qualifications, specifically in apprenticeship provision and demand. Understanding employers needs and the barriers they face in making jobs in the profession available is also of significance. The geographical scope of the project is the UK and Ireland.


CIEEM is the leading professional membership organisation for ecologists and environmental managers, providing benefit to society by setting professional standards, promoting best practice, supporting education and training, and delivering advocacy and influence for those championing a sustainable natural environment.

Established in 1991 and receiving our Royal Charter in 2013, we have members drawn from across the employment sectors including local authorities, government agencies, NGOs, industry, environmental consultancy, academia and industry.

  • CIEEM engages in a wide range of activities, including:
  • establishing and upholding standards of professional competence and conduct of those who practise ecological and environmental management as a profession;
  • promoting the sharing of best practice through publications, networking and awards;
  • supporting continuing professional development (CPD) through the provision of training and conferences;
  • being an influential voice for the sector by advising governments on policy and practice in relation to management of the natural environment;
  • and promoting an integrated inter-disciplinary approach to sustainable management of the natural environment.

About Lantra

Lantra exists to help the environment and land-based industries, meet their skills needs. We do this by working in partnership to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce; train people to work safely, productively, and sustainably; encourage and support a commitment to Lifelong Learning; and understand sector skills needs to anticipate future skills and learning requirements.

Established in 1992, we work across a diverse range of industries in partnership with trade and professional bodies, charities, educational establishments and training companies. The scope of Lantra activities includes:

  • providing expert training and qualifications as the leading awarding body in the environmental and land-based industries
  • design and delivery of funded skills development programmes as a trusted partner of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments for the the largest provider of End-Point Assessments to the environment and land-based industries, with responsibility for 25 Apprenticeship Standards
  • providing clear information via a web platform (to be launched in early 2023) on career opportunities and associated training and qualifications in the environmental and land-based industries
  • Identifying, verifying and/or quantifying issues around labour supply, specific skills gaps and shortages, and supply-side gaps (e.g. the provision of training and qualifications).

The Project Brief

Consultants are required to undertake desk-based research and employer consultation to help us understand the following:

  • What paid job opportunities do or could employers make available for school leavers within different employment sectors relevant to the ecology and environmental management profession (NGO, consultancy, industry and public sectors).
  • What are the barriers to employers in making these jobs available and what help would they find useful to address those barriers.
  • What non-degree level training provision is available for school leavers and what is required by employers, in terms of their current and future needs.
  • What existing relevant apprenticeships are available in the countries of the UK and Ireland that do or could, with revisions to the standard, meet the needs of employers.
  • Where are the gaps (in both the standard/topic and level of apprenticeship)?

The contractors are expected to devise their own methodology for answering these questions, although it is anticipated this is likely to include online survey and focus group discussions. CIEEM and Lantra can provide access to employers within its membership and through its links and networks if required and country-based staff may also be able to facilitate engagement


The following outputs are required for this contract:
a.) Attendance at a virtual start up meeting and any subsequent online project management meetings as required.
b). A draft report describing the research methodology and the findings, with data also analysed by employment sector and, where appropriate, country.
c) A final report of (b) above
d) A copy of all the raw data collected during the research project, both as combined data but also country-specific data.
e.) A list of recommendations regarding action CIEEM and Lantra could take to encourage employers in ecology and environmental management to provide non-degree-related job opportunities for school leavers and career changers.


Tenderers are required to include within their tender the full costs of delivering the outputs as specified above, including VAT. Tenderers are also asked to give a breakdown of the number of days allocated to specific tasks and day rates.


We anticipate this contract starting in early February 2023. Delivery of outputs must be completed by the 30th April 2023.


Contractors are required to have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to a value of £500,000 in each case.


A manager within CIEEM will be appointed to manage this contract and the contractor(s) will report directly to that nominated manager.

Decision-making process

All tenders received will be reviewed by CIEEM and Lantra. A decision to shortlist and to offer a contract to undertake the work will be made on the basis of a combination of:

  • Value for money and affordability (40% of scoring)
  • Experience and technical ability of team members relevant to the brief (50% of scoring)
  • Availability/ability to meet the deadline (10% of scoring)

Format of tender

Tenders should be submitted using the tender proforma Non-Degree Entry Nature-Based Green Jobs Research Project Tender Pro-forma Dec 2022 provided. The deadline for returning tenders to CIEEM is 12 noon on 27th January 2023. Tenders should be submitted to Tenderers must be available to be interviewed remotely, if required, on 3rd February 2023.

Contact details

Any questions or queries in relation to this brief or the tender process should be directed to Sally Hayns, Chief Executive Officer, at