Consultation Response Cardiff Local Development Plan (Coed Cadw – the Woodland Trust)

Cardiff Council have started work on a new Local Development Plan.   Coed Cadw – the Woodland Trust are looking for an independent professional with experience of the Welsh planning system for this short term contract to scope and draft comment on the LDP from the perspective of using tree cover and green space as a well-being and equity metric.

The Council are seeking comments, by 8th February 2022 on a short strategic options paper based on the delivery of additional housing and Jobs.     Questions we wish to raise could include:

  • What tree cover and tree equity metrics and success criteria would be best used to assess the outcomes of the different strategic options and compare outcomes by neighbourhood?
  • What “development principles”, consistent with Planning Policy Wales, and relating to tree cover, green space and wellbeing outcomes might help guide both the selection and application of the “strategic options”
  • How the Council will choose between the strategic options presented,  and what information are they using on the impact of each option on green space, tree cover and well-being outcomes, or, more widely,  on net-zero plans and the alignment with the “One Planet Cardiff” approach.

The response must be developed in discussion with the Trust’s contract manager, who will provide supporting advocacy and evidence documents, and will submit the final version.   We anticipate that this contract should require a maximum of 10 days work.