What to Do if it Goes Wrong

We support our members to work to a high standard of professional practice and to ensure public confidence in the services they offer. All our members have agreed to abide by our Code of Professional ConductThe Code sets out our expectations of members in all areas of their professional practice.

We recognise that occasionally things go wrong. If you are unhappy about the work of one of our members then we have procedures in place to enable you to make a formal complaint.  These are known as our Professional Conduct Inquiry Procedures. Please note that we can only consider complaints against current members of CIEEM and only for work undertaken during their period of membership.  We cannot investigate complaints in relation to the scale of fees or complaints against companies, only complaints in relation to the competence of our individual members.

Making a complaint

If you are considering making a complaint we strongly recommend that you read our list of frequently asked questions about the complaints process. You should read this in conjunction with the Professional Conduct Inquiry Procedures. Complaints can be made by individuals or by organisations.

If after reading these two documents you have any further questions about the complaints process then please contact the Secretariat. We are unable to comment on specific cases but always happy to answer general questions about the process.

You can check to see whether somebody is a member of CIEEM by searching the Members Directory.

To make a complaint please complete and return a Complaints Form to Complaints@cieem.net.

If you are a subject of a complaint

If, as a member of CIEEM, you are the Subject of a complaint then you will find some helpful advice about the process in our frequently asked questions for Subjects of complaints. You will be notified about the complaint as soon as practicable after it is received and you will receive further information on the process to be followed.

Professional Conduct Hearings

Professional Conduct Hearings are scheduled as and when required. If you wish to attend a hearing please contact the Secretariat for dates and times. Members of the public (other than complainants) are not allowed to participate in Professional Conduct Hearings but may attend as observers if they have notified the Secretariat in advance that they would like to attend.

We publish the outcome of Professional Conduct Hearings when a complaint is upheld.

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