What Members Do and Advice on Contracting a Member

What our members do

CIEEM members are professionally qualified practitioners applying their knowledge and skills in ecological and natural environmental management in a number of different ways. By doing so they are helping to protect and enhance our natural world for current and future generations. 

Their work benefits society by helping to manage the impacts of development on nature (and thereby enabling appropriate development to take place lawfully), undertaking practical nature conservation work, teaching, research, advising on effective ecological management, regulating activities that impact on nature and working with stakeholders to help them understand how best to protect the natural environment. Our members can be found in almost every employment sector: private; public; governmental; charity; industry and academia.

If you want to find a specific member  and you know their name, or you want to check whether someone is a member, you can use our Members Directory.


Engaging an ecologist or environmental manager

If you are looking to hire a professional ecologist or environmental manager we strongly suggest that you select a member of CIEEM. As members they put themselves forward for assessment to ensure that they are competent to do their work and the voluntarily agreed to abide by our Code of Professional Conduct and be publicly accountable for what they do.

You may be looking to hire an ecologist or environmental manager because you are involving in a planning application and the planning authority or your adviser has indicated that you require some ecological surveys and/or assessment reports. You have come to the right place to find one! We have a directory of members where you can search for a member who can offer you the services you require and is local to your project. Before we point you towards the directory however, here is some useful advice.

Make sure you know what the planning authority requires by way of a survey (or surveys) and report(s). There are a number of different types of survey and assessment and their names can be confusing (and not all are sufficiently detailed for a planning application) so we have provided a summary of ecological surveys and their purpose. 

Our short downloadable publications A Householder’s Guide to Engaging an Ecologist; What to Expect From a Bat Survey: A Guide for UK Homeowners and Biodiversity Advice Note: Permitted Development Rights and Biodiversity (England) may also be of use.

Professional members of CIEEM have letters, or post-nominals, after their name which indicates their grade of membership (and increasing level of experience and expertise) as follows:

GradCIEEM Graduate member
ACIEEM Associate member
MCIEEM Full members

Chartered Ecologists (CEcol) and Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) are members who have undertaken an additional, higher level of assessment to demonstrate their expertise. 

You should make sure that the member you hire has sufficient experience and expertise to do the job you need.

Now, let’s show you the Directory where you can find a member to help you.

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