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CIEEM members are part of a growing, rewarding profession charged with managing and protecting the natural environment for the benefit of society. All members have agreed to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct and have had their competence and experience assessed in order to be awarded, where appropriate, the right membership grade.

Membership grades

CIEEM’s membership grades and post-nominals reflect the expected and peer-assessed level of competence of individual members:

Fellows FCIEEM Highly experienced members who have made a significant contribution to the profession over a number of years
Chartered members CEcol or CEnv Highly experienced members who are often at the forefront of innovation and involved in the most complex situations and challenges requiring expert professional judgement
Full members MCIEEM Experienced members able to apply their skills in both straightforward and complex situations and supervise others
Associate members ACIEEM Members who are capable and competent in carrying out a range of straightforward tasks and may work on more complex tasks under supervision
Graduate members Grad CIEEM Early career practitioners learning to apply their knowledge in practical situations – the grade is closed to new entrants
Qualifying members Early career practitioners learning to apply their knowledge in practical situations – this grade has now replaced the Graduate grade
Student member Members who are in full or part-time study and are interested in a career in ecology and environmental management

Members Directory

You can search the directory to find a particular member by name, to find members with a specific area of expertise or to find members with a specific membership grade. Click on the search button below and then use the filters to refine your search.

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