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Support For Ukraine

Helping our colleagues in Ukraine

A message from our President, Richard Handley

All of us will, I am sure, have been shocked and saddened by the events in Ukraine. I know that many of you are looking at ways that you can provide support through donations and providing homes for refugees fleeing the conflict.

It is easy to feel helpless but, from contacts with fellow professionals in Ukraine, we know that the global response from ordinary people is a source of tremendous support and encouragement to those affected.

Many of the main ways to help are well documented (and we have included some links below) but as an Institute we have been particularly concerned as to how we can support Ukrainian ecologists and environmental managers. From our exchanges with them they have asked for the following support:

Protected Areas and Species

The Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group is seeking donations to help them continue their work to protect ecologically important areas and aid species recovery. The funding would be used to, amongst other purposes, restore critical infrastructure for nature reserve management, provide humanitarian support to staff working in nature conservation and provide funding to organisations managing nature conservation activities. Further details, including how to make donations, can be found here.

Remote employment

Many Ukrainian people are currently staying in the country, including ecologists and environmental managers. However, they may have little or no work as a result of disrupted transport links, their places of work being damaged or destroyed or the sheer danger of leaving their homes. Without work they have no income, so some are seeking offers of remote employment (i.e. desk-based activities). If you think you can help in any way please contact our CEO, Sally Hayns, via and she can put you in touch with Ukrainian counterparts.

Humanitarian Aid

The humanitarian response to this war is going to be critical both now and as the country recovers and rebuilds. There are a number of ways that members can help with funding or in other ways.

The Danube Carpathian Programme is a team of experts and scientists on ecology, nature conservation, sustainable development of natural ecosystems, forestry, wetlands, environmental law and other problems of protection and sustainable development of the environment. They have launched an appeal for humanitarian support and details can be found here.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an appeal to help refugees fleeing the conflict.

Unicef has launched an appeal to provide support for the children of Ukraine.

In Ireland the Irish Red Cross is collecting donations to fund practical support to those people being displaced or otherwise impacted by the conflict. The organisation is also collecting pledges of accommodation from residents as part of a National Register of Pledges supported by the Department of Children and Equality.

The UK Government has asked people to open their homes to those fleeing the war and to act as sponsors to refugee families. More details of this scheme, including how to register, can be found here. This is also the route for members in Scotland who are able to participate in the ‘Warm Scots Welcome’ initiative.

Ukraine’s National Parks

Currently, many Ukranian National Park employees serve in the defense forces, while others face challenging circumstances in their efforts to conserve nature. SCGIS has launched a donation campaign to assist the most affected national parks. The funds raised will directly benefit dedicated individuals who have been actively involved in conservation work for years. These individuals are indispensable members of our community who require our support to continue their valuable work in preserving nature. You can find more information and contribute here.

Armed conflict anywhere in the world is distressing and can make us feel impotent. But there are things we can do. CIEEM is not a political organisation but this conflict has made us stop and think as to how we, as a profession, can reach out to colleagues across the world whose work is being impacted by war. We will keep this page updated with ideas and links to other means of providing support to Ukraine but we will also be open to facilitating support in other areas of the world and we invite you, our members, to share your ideas and make introductions to ecologists and environmental managers who are in need.

Thank you for your understanding and support.