Coronavirus (Covid-19)

CIEEM members are advised first and foremost to do everything they can to keep themselves and others safe. Please do follow the latest advice and restrictions from governments (see CV19 Background Information) for the country in which you work.

CIEEM’s Governing Board is keeping the situation under ongoing review and will update these pages as necessary.

We have started a new discussion in the CIEEM LinkedIn group to facilitate members and others sharing ideas for adapting to working differently in light of restrictions. Please do contribute with your thoughts on how you are keeping yourself, your staff and others safe.

We have also started a new Q&A webinar series called Sector Streams. The first episode of these focused on the sector’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This first episode, and subsequent episodes, can be found in the Resource Hub under ‘Conference Presentations and Webinars’. You can book onto future episodes on the Training and Events listings webpage.

We are very aware that there may be more that you need from us by way of support and help. So that we can better understand the impact of the current situation on both yourselves and your work, together with what help you may need, we undertook a survey of members that closed on 21 April 2020. A report back on the findings was covered in episode 3 of our Sector Streams webinar series. All past episodes in the Sector Streams webinar series are available in the Resources Hub.

Please see the Coronavirus subpages for further advice and information.

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